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FlaSolar.com Membership
FlaSolar.com is a non-profit organization, supported completely by volunteers, donations and the efforts of its members. The availability of FlaSolar.com depends primarily on its perceived value among members and the general public. It is this support that allows FlaSolar.com to be distributed free to you.

FlaSolar.com collects personal information from visitors who register with our FlaSolar.com Membership program, including names, e-mail address, city, state and zip code information. This information will only be used to allow for geographical or user specified content delivery. FlaSolar.com members receive occasional e-mail from us regarding news about FlaSolar.com, website updates, new website features, special offers and benefits for participants in this membership program. FlaSolar.com does not allow any advertisers or other third parties to mail promotions to our members. (See Privacy policy)

The Forum
FlaSolar.com members who use for our Forum community area have  provided us with a name, password and a working e-mail address. This information is used to set up your account. We do not sell or redistribute our membership list and will not send you e-mail at the address you provide, except for infrequent announcements relating to The Forum or as needed to resolve issues that may arise with your Forum usage or membership account. The e-mail address you register with FlaSolar.com will not be posted in The Forum unless you provide it when you post comments there, but you are free at any time to substitute an alternate e-mail address if you wish to keep the one you initially registered private. Participants in The Forum are expected to comply with the rules governing the area, but we cannot control third parties' use of information you may choose to provide in such a public forum. For more information see The Forum Rules as applies to membership. 

Cancellation of FlaSolar.com Membership
Any member may request removal at any time simply by emailing: member-removal@flasolar.com and referencing your member email address at time of sign up, username and zip code. For confirmation purposes we will send you an email which you simply reply to, to confirm your removal request. FlaSolar.com reserves the right to cancel membership of any site visitor upon determination that said visitor has violated any posted rules of usage, or any other conduct determined to be a violation of usage permissions published or unpublished at the time of membership application or at any time thereafter.

Who can I ask if I have any additional questions?
If you have any further questions or concerns about Salon's privacy policies and use of personal information, please send them to helpdesk@flasolar.com

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