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Pool Heaters / Solar Panel Design
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Solar Control Strategies
The Physics of Pool Temperature
Pool Covers
Gas Heaters
Electric Resistance
Heat Pumps
Pumps and Filters
Pipe Sizing
How many panels do I really need?
Solar Pool Heating Calculations
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Enter Swimming Pool and Site Conditions Data:

Enter surface
area of pool:

Square Feet
(Click here to find your pool's surface area.)
Enter modifier for
pool conditions:
Enter the following values for:
Open pool: 1.0
Screened Pool: 1.1
Shaded pool: 1.15
Screened and shaded pool: 1.25
Enter compass
direction modifier:
See Chart for modifier (below).
Enter surface area of
panels to be used:

Square Feet
Panel Size - 4'x8' = 32 sq.ft.
Panel Size - 4'x10' = 40 sq.ft.
Panel Size - 4'x12' = 48 sq.ft.
Choose a city for customized results!

Click "Submit" to get your answer.

Never use any orientation north of East or West!

Compass Orientation Modifiers  (Pool Panels)

Direction Compass Reading Modifier
East 90 Deg. 1.25
East-South-East 111.5 Deg. 1.15
South-East 135 Deg. 1.10
South-South-East 157.5 Deg. 1.0
South 180 Deg. 1.0
South-South-West 202.5 Deg. 1.0
South-West 225 Deg. 1.10
West-South-West 247.5 Deg. 1.15
West 270 1.25
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